The overweight rat has failed after trying to sneak through a hole in the lid of the canal. The rescue operation took place in the German city of Bensheim.

The rat, which grew fattened from the debris found in the winter, stuck in a hole in the lid of the channel in which it lived. A team of firefighters and volunteers was summoned on the scene to help the animal in trouble, according to The Guardian.

Fat rat stuck in a canopy cover in Germany. It took eight firefighters and a veterinarian to save the animal. Photo: Berufstierrettung Rhein Neckar / Freiwillige Feuerwehr Auerbach

“The rat accumulated some grease reserves over the winter and stuck to the middle of the body – could not even go out or retreat into the canal. Even animals that people hate are worth respecting, “said veterinarian Michael Sehr for a local publication.

The images depict the animal stuck in the hole, desperate to escape, and incapable of moving. The rescue team managed to release the animal after 25 minutes, but not before taking some photos.

After the event, several children who witnessed the scene made a “gift” to the members of the rescue team: they drew a rat surrounded by hearts and the word “danke!” With the asphalt chalk.